The Woman in Heels

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It’s just an ordinary boarding school, being as boring as it can be.
But there are so many stories surrounding the lives of boarders. Sometimes, they are not just stories; these horrific tales come to life!

We’ve heard many tales about boarding houses in Africa. As a matter of fact, a lot of parents chose not to put their children in these schools for fear of what the stories say. There are the good and enjoyable moments of course, but there are also the grim and scary moments when nothing seems right. The end talk is that they are just mere stories – nothing could possibly happen.

Or is this the truth?

When Kaima lands in a boarding house for the first time, she is met with such stories of spirits and ghosts and a woman who walks through the corridors in the shadows of the night. It’s easy to dismiss everything as just stories but not for long.

When the manifestation of these stories begin, Kaima and her friends are faced with a deadly, exciting adventure that explore the world of these students from the ordinary school to the metaphysical.

The adventures in Powermill boarding house is a must-read!


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